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ORR History

ORR History 

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ORR Corporation History

A family-owned company since 1948, the ORR Corporation is proud of where we come from and proud of how far we’ve come. We have a large family of associates—many of whom have been with the company for years—with stories that shape who we are and how we’ve grown over the years.

Historically, ORR has had a strong connection between the ownership (Bud) and the Associates. It was not uncommon for Bud to know they names of Associate’s children. This aspect of our culture still exists today in intimate pockets within the ORR Corporation blanket.

We Go Way Back!

ORR Corporation History Infographic

ORR Corporation has been a family-owned company since 1948. Our commitment to a family-oriented mindset is not just something we say; many of our Associates have been with us for years and can attest to this. Our Associates and their stories they carry with them shape the success that we have seen the past 50+ years. This infographic helps to showcase where we come from and our proud accomplishments.

ORR History Infographic

In 1948, Clark  Orr, Sr., selling industrial safety products from  the trunk of his Packard car made his first sale and ORR Safety was off and running and hasn't stopped growing since.

ORR expanded its growth beyond safety distribution in 1971 when it started one of the country's first fire suppression companies, ORR Protection Systems.

Additionally in 1991, ORR opened the doors of its third division, what is now InspectionLogic. Inspection Logic created and supports the premier fugitive emissions LDAR software in the nation.

Since 1948, the ORR family of companies has dedicated itself to Protecting People, Property and the Environment.