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ORR History

ORR History 

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ORR Corporation History

A family-owned company since 1948, the ORR Corporation is proud of where we come from and proud of how far we’ve come. We have a large family of associates—many of whom have been with the company for years—with stories that shape who we are and how we’ve grown over the years.

Historically, ORR has had a strong connection between the ownership (Bud) and the Associates. It was not uncommon for Bud to know they names of Associate’s children. This aspect of our culture still exists today in intimate pockets within the ORR Corporation blanket.

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Clark Orr

Check out the articles by Clark Orr. Learn more about the ORR Corporation and our company, and why we pride ourselves on being a family run business since 1948.

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ORR Corporation History

70 Years and 3 Generations

Our Different and Better Story

When I was young, I used to go to the office with my dad on Saturdays. Sometimes I was put to work, sometimes I played in the warehouse (we would never let kids play in the warehouse today!).  What I really remember was the way he interacted with the people he worked with. He knew everyone’s name and something personal about them. He was genuinely interested in them. As I grew and became interested in learning the family business I began to notice the way my dad carefully weighed each business decision based on the effect it would have on the people he worked with. I soon realized that although our family name was on the sign out front, this company didn’t belong to us – it belonged to the people who worked there.

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