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ORR Careers Updates

ORR places a great emphasis on treating all associates with respect and fairness. We seek to eliminate hierarchies and foster a collaborative environment where anyone can grow and succeed. We use the word “associate” instead of “employee” because we like to think of ORR as a place where everyone works together toward a common goal.

Our associates are the reason that ORR remains a “family” company with high workplace satisfaction. We wanted to shine a spotlight on just a few of the many amazing people that consistently make ORR one of the Best Places to Work.

Latest ORR Career Updates

Zac Endicott

Brilliant Blog Posts that provide practical, actionable advice can be hard to find amongst all the noise online. Here are Zac's blog posts that hit the spot!

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ORR Corporation History

Intern Insights: Meet My ORR Coworkers

For me, the most important part of any job is working with people you respect and enjoy being around. Consider this stat from “We spend 57% of our waking time at work during a working life of 46 years.” More than half of our conscious day is at work. Imagine being around people that drive you insane! I am fortunate to be a part of a great team here at ORR who lent me their valuable time to answer a few questions. Here is what I have learned from my coworkers as well as some advice they gave for those just starting out in the IT world:

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ORR Corporation History

Intern Insights: Where I Come From

The last couple of weeks I talked about my first days at ORR, how ORR offers an above par internship program, and the different roles interns play in the information age. To give you more perspective on my life, this week is more about myself, where I come from, and how I was able to connect with ORR. The major chapters of my life started after high school, beginning with the Air Force, followed by college life, fatherhood, and the future.

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ORR Corporation History

Why Does ORR Hire Interns?

Get your own coffee, am I right?! Internships are a big deal for college students looking to get a leg up when they join the workforce. They are an opportunity to get a taste of the work world and merge what their classes teach them with real business tasks. Thankfully, internships have changed a lot over the past 30 years and offer value to both students and employers.

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