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ORR Careers Updates

ORR places a great emphasis on treating all associates with respect and fairness. We seek to eliminate hierarchies and foster a collaborative environment where anyone can grow and succeed. We use the word “associate” instead of “employee” because we like to think of ORR as a place where everyone works together toward a common goal.

Our associates are the reason that ORR remains a “family” company with high workplace satisfaction. We wanted to shine a spotlight on just a few of the many amazing people that consistently make ORR one of the Best Places to Work.

Latest ORR Career Updates

Amy Cullen

Brilliant Blog Posts that provide practical, actionable advice can be hard to find amongst all the noise online. Here are Amy's blog posts that hit the spot!

Recent Posts

ORR Corporation History

International Traveler and Category Manager: Meet Olen

In his role as Category Manger, Olen works to align the Sales, Marketing and Purchasing teams while working to create the best value for everyone involved. Olen is also a world traveler, constantly taking on new projects and challenges. In this interview, learn more about Olen's experience in the Safety Industry, what his day-to-day is like working at ORR, and what it takes to be a great Category Manager. 

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ORR Corporation History

Serving Customers and Serving the Community: Meet Jasmin

Jasmin has been a customer service superstar at ORR for almost 19 years, working as a customer service representative, a supervisor, manager of the Kong glove line, Special Programs and now she’s about to embark on a new position as a Customer Engagement Specialist. She brings a zest for life to her work, and to her charitable and community-building outreach work through ORR. In this interview, learn more about Jasmin's history and career, and how ORR has supported her family through the years.


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ORR Corporation History

From Field Service Technician to Engineering Technician - Meet Nich

Nich grew up in an ORR family. His father started as one of the first technicians and now works in IT. Nich started at ORR while he was still in high school, helping move inventory to the new Louisville corporate office, and then after graduation joined ORR full-time as a warehouse associate. Recently, Nich has been transitioning from working as a highly trained field service technician into new roles, first as a project manager and now as a part of the engineering department. In this interview, we talk to Nich about his experience growing up with a father who worked at ORR, meeting his wife at ORR, and his own exciting career trajectory.

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