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ORR Careers Updates

ORR places a great emphasis on treating all associates with respect and fairness. We seek to eliminate hierarchies and foster a collaborative environment where anyone can grow and succeed. We use the word “associate” instead of “employee” because we like to think of ORR as a place where everyone works together toward a common goal.

Our associates are the reason that ORR remains a “family” company with high workplace satisfaction. We wanted to shine a spotlight on just a few of the many amazing people that consistently make ORR one of the Best Places to Work.

Latest ORR Career Updates

Amanda Sweet

Brilliant Blog Posts that provide practical, actionable advice can be hard to find amongst all the noise online. Here are Amanda's blog posts that hit the spot!

Recent Posts

ORR Corporation History

Field Service Supervisor and New Technician Mentor: Meet Brad

A dedicated and experienced Field Service Supervisor, Brad has been a critical part of the Field Service team for many years. He has now taken on the role of mentor in addition to his other responsibilities, coaching three of ORR Protection's apprentices as they train to be Field Service Technicians. In this interview, Brad describes his experiences in the field - as well as an exciting hobby outside of work - and what makes ORR a unique place to work.

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ORR Corporation History

Temporary Work to 35 Year Career: Meet Laura

Laura started at ORR as a temporary replacement for Bud Orr's secretary and turned that experience into a 35 (going on 36!) year career. In her role, Laura provides coordination and support to Field Service Technicians for ORR Protection Systems as they work throughout the Louisville area, and also provides operations support to Indianapolis and Ohio. In this interview, Laura describes her current role, her community of friends and coworkers, and some of her favorite memories of her years at ORR.

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ORR Corporation History

Celebrating 20 Years at ORR - Meet James

Meet James, who is about to celebrate 20 years as an employee at ORR. James has worked in the fire protection industry for 40 years, and brings a wealth of experience, insight, and positive energy to the role. In this interview, James describes his tenure at ORR, how the industry has changed, and advice for anyone interested in joining the fire protection industry.

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